Arya Designs Handmade Magnet Clothespin Set — available at Sky of Blue Cards, $6 for set of 3.

Sunshine Magnet Clothespin Set


Set of 3 magnetic clothespins. Handmade in Richland, Washington by Arya Designs.

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Product Description

Set of 3 magnetic clothespins covered with decorative paper on one side, with a strong magnet on the back. These decorative clips are perfect for holding multiple sheets of paper, or even your child’s art work! Each set has slight variations in patterns, no two sets are alike. Clothespins are approximately 3″ tall and 0.39″ wide.

Lovingly handmade in Richland, Washington by Arya Designs.

Additional Information

Weight.0625 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 1 × 4 in