“H” Monogram Card Featured in Hail to the Handwritten Note (Card)

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 By some standards, handwriting is already considered an “ancient” skill. Next thing we’ll know, it will be an extinct art form practiced by only a few artisans. Well, not in my lifetime if I have anything to do with it! These days, the charm of receiving a handwritten note is manifest (any handwriting will do, but do go all out with calligraphy as we mentioned recently) and its message exponentially more resonant than with anything sent electronically. So, if you really mean Thank You or if you really want to appear sincere, write it by hand.

Besides the benefits of having your handwritten note being duly noticed, you’ll want to know, as the Wall Street Journal tells us, that it appears that the very act of handwriting is a building block to learning: “Recent research illustrates how writing by hand engages the brain in learning”. That’s true for kids but for baby-boomers also, as handwriting is a good cognitive exercise to keep minds sharp.

And, bonus, if you write your handwritten note on carefully chosen paper, you could also be sending a little piece of art, as you can see from our picks below. Whether you chose luxury personalized stationery for the more formal correspondence or a simple note cards for the lighter communications, we recommend that you stock up on a couple boxed sets of blank note cards so that you are always ready to make that lasting impression – in writing.

 Young & Monogrammed: This set of letterpress monogrammed note cards by Sky of Blue Cards is anything but stuffy. Perfect for the younger set. Get them trained early on writing their thank you cards!



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