We’ve Got a Brady Bunch Situation, People

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Kamille and Matt never thought they’d be planning a wedding again. Yet, here they are. Life hands us twists and turns and sometimes we find ourselves in the position of recreating our lives, nearly from scratch. Sometimes if we are lucky enough, we find love and happiness all over again. Kamille and Matt have been lucky enough to have found each other… found love a second time around.  They called upon Sky of Blue Cards to custom design their wedding invitation suite.

Kamille has two children and Matt has four. You do the math. We’ve got a Brady Bunch situation here, people. Their wedding is to be a wedding for the two of them and their six children – their new blended family. They will be coming together as one big, beautiful family. All they need now is to find Alice and they are made in the shade.

When I set out to design for them, I recalled the officiant from my own wedding talked about how love between two people is like a tree. It was beautiful, he said something like this:

“When two strong trees grow close together, sometimes their bark and wood grow together at the base, creating a common support. At their roots the trees begin as two and then the growth rings of both trees are merged. But if you look to their crowns, they are still two individual trees, each nourishing itself while supporting the other.”

I loved it! It was perfect for these two lovebirds. I knew what to do. Here is what I came up with for them. The pieces are all two-color letterpress – elegant and classy – on thick and luxurious Crane Lettra paper.

The wedding is next week and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

Here’s to Kamille & Matt

Kamille & Matt's Wedding Invitation - Outside of Card

Kamille & Matt’s Wedding Invitation – Outside of Card

Kamille & Matt's Wedding Invitation - Inside of Card

Kamille & Matt’s Wedding Invitation – Inside of Card

RSVP Self-Mailer Card Front

RSVP Self-Mailer Card Front

RSVP Self Mailer Card Back

RSVP Self Mailer Card Back

Envelope Back Flap

Envelope Back Flap



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