Our New Monogram Cards – The Whimsy Collection

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Card & Letter Samples From Our “Whimsy” Monogram Card Collection

Our new monogram cards are complete. All 26 letters! They took quite a while to produce, as each letter was individually designed based on incorporating three different motifs – a flower, a heart, or a star – into a much-modified version of the Bauhaus font. It was like designing a whole new font family! Which, by the way, was a ton of fun.

I am especially proud of these beautiful letterpress cards. They aren’t like anything else out there in the world of fine stationery, and we are going to display them proudly in our booth (1363) at the National Stationery Show in New York coming up on May 16-19.

When you correspond with them, they will call out to the world,  “I am unique. I am stylish. I am fun, funny, happy, and most certainly – I have a sense of WHIMSY”. You will love sending them out to your friends and loved ones, and you will love buying them as gifts to give as well. I promise.

Once again Bob Mercurio of Mercurio Brothers Printing in Berkeley, California, did his magic on the letterpress and turned my designs into individual pieces of art that are lovely enough to frame and put up on your wall.  As with all our cards, they come to you on 100% cotton, 110lb Crane Lettra paper. The color palette for these is as fresh and bright as a summer day – and, depending on the letter, the colors are Pantone Orange 021, Pantone 368 Green, or Pantone 2735 Purple. The flower, heart, and star motifs are arranged differently within each letter, making each one a surprise and a treat. At times it may look like a flower is sprouting from the bottom of a letter, or as if there is a heart-shaped lollipop or ornament living within the spaces of the letter – making each one sweet in its own way. Each card is 4.75 x 3.5″ and fits perfectly into a colorful matching 4-Bar (A1) envelope.

Our new monogram cards are not like your mother’s monogram cards, although your mom will love them – all 26 of them.

I loved designing them and I hope you enjoy them.



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