Happy Birthday to our Birthday Line

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I’ve been busy, busy, busy creating and producing Sky of Blue Cards’ new line of birthday cards – 24 in all!

Un-Uno-One, Dos-Deux-Two, and Tres-Trois-Three

Un-Uno-One, Dos-Two-Deux, Tres-Trois-Three

I’m so excited to share with you (above & below) a few photos taken by our photographer extraordinaire, Ms. Darilyn Kotzenberg of DK Design Studio. She shoots our cards in the morning light of her studio and absolutely captures everything about our cards – the design, the depth of the depression made by the letterpress, the color – everything – in the most gorgeous way. And, I swear I can smell the paper and ink when I look at the photos on my screen!

Darilyn and I have known each other for years. We worked together as designers in the software publishing world too many years ago to mention. She had her studio in Marin County, then relocated to a massive loft in Oakland, and has since relocated again to her beloved Lake Tahoe where she gets to play in the snow with her sweet dog Jada, shoot spectacular photos, and design beautiful pieces for the “Green” industry, at large. {side note: at many points in our careers Darilyn was my boss. Ah, those were good times.} So, because we’ve known each other for so long, when she shoots for Sky of Blue Cards today, I need not give her an ounce of direction. She knows what to do the minute she has our products in-hand. Yes, it’s one of those symbiotic relationships we find ourselves lucky enough to have every now and again.

Anyway, enjoy these beautiful photos by Darilyn Kotzenberg of DK Design Studio. I’ll post more later in the coming week. But for now, enjoy these…

p.s. We have many, many more new products we are releasing in the next 2 months, so stay tuned.


Best. Birthday. Ever.


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